League of Legends Coaching

League of Legends Coaching is one of the fastest growing fields in the gaming industry. A lot of people are getting into this game because of the fun, fast pace, and competitiveness associated with it. There are a few things you should keep in mind before getting started in this particular field.

League of Legends Coaching can be very competitive. Most League of Legends Coaching jobs pay anywhere from ten to eighty dollars per hour, depending upon qualifications, mastery of certain roles, and involvement and accomplishments in the professional scene. Most often, most work on a per-game basis coaching either individual players or smaller, privately run teams. There are also 2 coaches per team as well as a support staff to help out with games and any questions that players may have.

The first thing you should do is make a presence on the popular social media platforms such as Facebook and MySpace. There are several videos that you can post to both of these sites that will introduce you and your coaching style. This is a great place to introduce your personality to the world. Another thing you can do is upload a couple of videos to YouTube that talk about playing the game in your own voice, talking about the strategies you use, how to draft or build your starting five, and anything else you want people to know about League of Legends or the coaching aspect of it.

Another great option is to join some of the more popular fantasy football or League of Legends websites where you can get involved with the communities. Many coaches spend a lot of time answering questions, helping players to build their characters, building their finances, and generally just chatting with people in general. Some even go so far as to actively participate in discussions or forums related to the game. If you can find a website that allows you to create an account, or at least allows you to make a few posts and conversations, this can be a great way to get exposure for your League of Legends coaching business.

A very viable option that is growing in popularity is the ability to actually download a game to your computer. This allows you to watch the game, listen to comments and calls from coaches, and basically play the game while you are coaching. Not only can you learn a lot of information through this process, but you can also practice your skills and see how good you are at playing. Many coaches like this option because it lets them learn and practice with their own skills while being able to be in the comfort of their own home.

League of Legends has been growing in popularity for quite some time. The game itself is extremely addicting, competitive, and pretty fun to play. If you are interested in becoming one of the League of Legends coaches and providing the help to collegiate and amateur players alike, there are many options for you to choose from. Just make sure that you have all of your information and skills covered so that you can become a great to coach!