ProtectAir fungal nail treatment almost invariably results in people having to take prescription drugs, both oral and topical ones which have to be taken orally. As with all prescribed medicines, there are side effects; some are more pronounced than others. Fortunately for those who suffer from recurring fungal nail infections, ProtectAir’s approach is drug-free and painless.

protectair fungal nail treatment

The ProtectAir fungal nail treatment kit consists of a topical cream which has to be applied regularly over the period of a week or two. The cream must then be rinsed off after a final application. The topical treatment, if applied directly to the nail bed, is supposed to penetrate the thick layers of nail and reach the fungus. Once there, the cream is supposed to kill the fungus. The problem with this strategy however is that the fungus may still be present and may be developing underneath the surface of the nail.

Although it is possible for the fungus to recur even after finishing the ProtectAir fungal nail treatment, it is not likely that this will happen permanently. Although the treatment has been effective in reducing the toe nail discoloration, it has not been able to totally cure the condition. Although the condition is still very unpleasant, most people find that their toenails look better within just a few weeks of finishing the treatment. The success of this product owes much to its active ingredient, Isotretinoin, which helps inhibit the growth of bacteria. Bacteria grow well in an environment where there is sufficient moisture and heat exist at the same time.

One way of preventing fungal nail treatment failure is to make sure that your feet are always dry when you step on them. You should also keep your toes clean by using an alcohol-based solution to wash them regularly. If possible, you should also prevent the spread of the fungus to your toenails through close physical contact. This can be done by cutting your nails short with professional clippers so that the area gets less moisture. If you cannot cut your nails, you can use an alcohol-based medical shoe spray to clean your feet regularly.

Protectair is an effective and reliable product because it does not contain any harmful ingredients. In fact, its active ingredient is to inhibit the growth of bacteria. However, the product works best when it is used together with other products that protect the nails from the effects of moisture and heat. These products include a special anti-fungal topcoat that prevents the fungal infection from spreading. This anti-fungal coat can be removed once you complete the ProtectAir treatment.

There is no doubt that Protectair is a very good product for treating fungal nail treatment failures. It is cheap and can be easily purchased from online stores. However, you should always follow the application instructions carefully and take extra strong tea tree oil or lemon oil to eliminate the stubborn infection.